Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Just Don't Fall

Just Don't Fall: How I Grew Up, Conquered Illness, and Made It Down the Mountain by Josh Sundquist is about Josh's own experience of surviving Ewing's Sarcoma; a virulent cancer strain, that claimed his left leg at the age of nine. The story follows Josh through his hospital visits, through his struggles as a young boy, into adulthood and as he takes on his first attempt at skiing.

More about the book at Amazon.com.
More about the author, Josh Sundquist, on his website.

Please post a comment about the book and whether it would be suitable for the SJSU Campus Reading Program. Thanks.

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Amanda Dohse said...

This book is a great easy read. It's a biography and is written from a young boy's perspective for the majority of the book but I think college age students will still find the main character relatable. It's a true story and it has great themes of hard work, reaching towards goals, understanding defeat, and dealing with challenges. The author is a motivational speaker and it would be fun to have him come to campus. I think it would be a good fit for the Campus Reading Program.